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CHARLOTTE S.A. is a food service business with over 30 years of experience.

Our main goal is to provide good and healthy food to our clients, which is why we have developed customized services for every one. We have staff specifically trained and qualified in children´s services that help us to reach this goal. We only use quality ingredients from brands that are well known in the market to guarantee the quality of the meals we serve.

Our menus are made by Nutritionists to make sure they have the appropriate amount and quality for the ages of the children we serve to. We also have personnel trained in good food handling and following the HACCP control formats.

We´re interested in maintaining fluid communication with you, which is why we have set up the following e-mail so you can share you comments and suggestions with us.

In case of an emergency please contact

We thank you for the trust you´ve put in us, and we commit to care about your children´s nutritional needs as if they were ours.

How to order?

The prices of the menus are:
Kindergarten S/ 9.50
Grades 1-5th S/ 9.50
Grades 6-12th S/ 11.50

Charlotte has a pre-paid policy for all meals.

The month´s menú will be published on our web page ( on the 15th of each month and will be receiving orders until the 25th via e-mail. Please add all the information of the chosen menus (in Excel format) and payment voucher.

All orders sent after the 25th of the month will have a 10% increment in the cost will automatically calculated in the menu format.

For anything related to the service please contact is via:

mobile: 946-116181 / 949-105436


Download the menu from our webpage: (early, grades 1-5 / 6-12)
Open the file, some computers may have a “protected view”. In this case, click the enable editing option to be able to input the information (top of the file)
Type in the name, last name and grade of the student you are ordering for.
Add a number “1” to the menú option you are selecting for each day. Blue if you like option A, Brown for B and grey for C (the options for the starters, desserts and drinks will not be selected because there´s only one option).
Verify that you´ve selected an option for every day. If the student will not be having lunch at school for any given day, please leave that day blank.
Once the monthly menú has been completed, review and sabe the file with the name and last name of the student.
The Excel format will automatically calculate the amount to be deposited; to the left of the format if within the time limit, and if late it will appear on the right with a 10% increment.
Once the format has been filled, and having recieved the amount to be payed please make the deposit at the BCP soles account:
Soles account (checking) BCP 194-1983933-0-25
Interbank account code (IAC): 002-19400198393302595C
RUC: 20101152724
After having made your payment please e-mail as at: with the following attachments:
The menu with your selections for the month (with the student´s informations)
Payment voucher of the internet transaction. **Must include the date of payment, amount and operation number.


If you have more tan one child you are ordering for you may make 1 payment for the sum of the amounts of each individual menu format for example: student a: S/ 100 student b: S/ 150, deposit S/250 Send the email with the individual format and the deposit for the total sum.
You should recieve a confirmation email from us. If you have not recieve a confirmation email please contact us.
If you were to have to cancel a child´s meal for any reason,please do so 24 hours in advance. The payment will be accrued for the following month. If not cancelled within this time, the menú will be charged as usual.
Please consider that we will only be preparing meals for students who´s meals have been programmed.

Remember that all meals must be requested at least 24 hours in advance.
Charlotte S.A. will only served pre-paid meals.

Instructions to make orders:

Download file according to student´s grade.
Save (we suggest using the student´s last name).
Use the page for data (name - grade) and the selection of the lunch for each one.
Please type “1” in each of the light blue cells that you have chosen this way the system will automatically calculate the selected dates and cost. If you accidentally marked the incorret cell, use the delete key to erase.
Once you have completed your lunch menú selection the system will automatically calculate the total amount and will present it as: total to deposit BCP.
Once the format(s) has been filled SAVE the file(s) and SEND to together with the voucher deposit in BCP.

MENUS : MAY 2018

Menú Kindergarten

Kindergarten menu

Menú Grados 1-5

Grades 1-5 School lunch menu

Menú Grados 6-12

Grades 6-12 School lunch menu